Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Daycare or not? 託児所探しの旅

We went to check out the Japanese day care yesterday.  Currently I'm not working, but I am seriously considering to go back to work.  Nothing is decided at this moment because we're planning to visit Japan this autumn and my job search situation etc.  But I heard sometimes it takes months before your kids can get into a daycare, so I decided to go ahead and visit.
Couple of my friends' kids go there, so I knew what to expect, more or less.  The building is kinda old, doesn't have the best curb appeal or anything, but hey, what's inside counts, right?  
Each class has two teachers who speaks Japanese and English, and it seemed like they took turns and did songs / books in both languages.  
The head teacher let Amane stay in the class while we took a tour of the daycare.  Amane decided to sit with other kids for the book time and didn't care I let the room.  I guess that's a good sign.
Overall, I liked it a lot, my friend told me that they provide pretty good lunch ( mostly Japanese food) and all the stuff were friendly.  And I think it'll help her to improve her Japanese, too.  I am planning to look few more places, I hope we can find something suitable for our family.


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