Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fashion Baby /ベビコーデ13/05/01

It has been rather cool for Atlanta in April.  I am enjoying this comfy weather, but I just don't know what to wear!  It can be chilly in the morning and then hot in the afternoon.  And I realize Amane has many long sleeve and sleeveless shirts, but not enough short sleeve shirts.
I went to Kid to Kid today hoping to find some half sleeve shirts for her, but I couldn't find any in her size.  This happened to me in many other stores, too. Where are the T-shirts for 6-9 month olds?!
My search for those will continue.
Here is what she was wearing today for the mother and child gathering at the local church.  I even put socks on her today, because so many moms commented on how lightly I dress her.  I hate socks, but I know I shouldn't force my sock hate to my daughter...

Headband : DIY by me
Onesie: Wal-mart
Blue top: Babies R Us
Butterfly leggings: Babies R Us



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  1. I don't usually put socks on Take-chan. He has much better traction without them.