Tuesday, August 5, 2014

1st day at the Daycare / 雨音、託児所デビューの巻

Amane started going to morning play program at the local church from today.  I was struggling to deal with 2 kids by myself all day, so I wanted Amane to be in some kind of play group program.  But at the same time, I felt a bit sad and guilty to leave her.  I guess mothers emotions are full of contradiction and is complicated.
Anyway,  it is a drop-off child care from 9 to 1, Amane will go twice a week.  The main reason we decided to put her in this particular place is that our great friends' daughter goes there and they are pretty happy with it.  It always helps to make a decision when you can ask for an advice from someone who already knows about it.  
Amane didn't even notice when I left this morning.  Then I was told that she did great, didn't cry once when I picked her up.  I was really proud of her!  And I am glad we decided to do this, I hope she'll continue to have fun! 

本日より我が娘 雨音、遂に社交界デビューを果たしました。

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