Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beat the skin trouble!  アメリカ肌トラブルにはこれ!

Fortunately, I never had serious skin problem, but from time to time, I have breakouts on my face.  Most recent one was right after I had Kaisei, mainly because of all those hormone going crazy and minimum sleeping hours. 
But also because I was eating so much chocolate and cheesecakes.  I swear breast feeding makes you starving all the time! 

Anyway, when this happens, I use apricot scrub and Witch Hazel.  
I wash my face with the scrub, then wash again with the usual facial soap and wipe my face with Witch Hazel using cotton rounds.  The next day, my skin feels soft and minor acne-like spots are gone!  They are definitely my to-go facial treatments.  Some people might not enjoy the smell of Witch Hazel, but I don;t mind it at all.  It just smells like vinegar.  
And I'm using Kroger brand apricot scrub and it does its job just fine. I've tried other ones like St, Ives and Burt's Bees, but I really like the one I use now.  Especially when you can get them less thank half the price of Burt's Bees! 



今はスーパーのオリジナルブランドのを使ってますが、Burt's Beesとかよりも逆に良い気がする、値段も半額以下だし。

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