Sunday, August 10, 2014

Catch Air Review 発見、室内遊戯場

We found Catch Air when we looked for indoor playground for Amane.  We have visited a couple of times and I think it's really great!  The one we go to has toddler area and older kids area, but you can play at both areas.  They have inflatables,  ball pits, slides, etc.
And their staff are friendly and they clean the place regularly, which I appreciate a lot, I am a bit of a germaphobe.  I am getting better at it, though, I mean you have to, when you have kids.
Anyway, it's pretty busy on the weekends, but there were times Amane was the only one in the whole place during weekdays!  And it's very reasonable, $5 plus tax for walk-in visit and if you buy 10 visits in advance, it was a little over $30 and you get your first visit for free.
Now Amane can run and climb all over the place, (check out the picture and see how high she went! I though she might get scared and was not be able to come down, but she had no problem. wow)  this is the awesome place to take her in the summer when the park is absolutely no option (it's just too hot) You can easily stay there for 2 hours.  I definitely recommend it!

Future astronaut!

室内で遊べる場所を探していた時に、Catch Airという場所を発見しました。

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