Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Being a Mom / 母になる事

Since my daughter was born, many people have asked me, "Are you enjoying being a mother?"
Yes, of course! She doesn't say no to me (yet), she doesn't slam the door because she's upset (yet), she doesn't think her parents are lame (hopefully), and I don't have to say no to her.  All I have to do is love her, feed her, change her and love her more. 

She really has been a great baby to us; the only problem we ever had was that she loved sleeping too much and we had such a hard time waking her up to feed her in the first month.
Some methods we were taught were to tickle her teeny tiny feet, take off her clothes and hold her to my chest, and wipe her back with a baby wipe! She did not like that one!

Thanks to her being such a laid back baby, we have also been rather relaxed and laid back parents. 
I can't wait for her to start walking, talking, doing girly stuff with me like shopping and eating frozen yogurt, but I should probably embrace this baby moment with her.

Amane (means sound of the rain)
我が娘 アマネ





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