Monday, March 4, 2013

DIY Wall Art

We moved to a new apartment last September, but we're still working on decorating the rooms.
I know it's taken a while, but we had a baby in October and her nursery was a major project (that I haven't finished yet, oh well) etc etc.
Anyway, my beloved husband suggested putting up different kinds of photos on the wall above the sofa (great idea, honey!).  We decided to mix personal photos and art.

I had wooden frames from Goodwill and I tried using them a variety of ways, but it never looked quite right.
So I decided to create my own art! It's super easy and affordable.
Here is what you need:
Photo frames
Dollar store dictionary (or any cheap book that you can take pages out of)
Paper for mounting (optional)

All you need is to find images online, print them onto the dictionary page, mount them with your favorite paper as a background and, voila! You are an artist!

Our printer was acting up and it didn't print the silhouettes in the same shade, but I think it still looks pretty good! But I can always try to print them again... after all, I still have over 200 pages in the dollar store dictionary!






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